As a part of the St. Louis Fusion Organization we continue to grow and develop young student/athletes. As we continue the development of these young student/athletes, we also recognize the importance of performing at a high level in the classroom. Our continuous preparation and commitment as coaches to our student/athletes will promote and encourage these young ladies to compete on the field and in the classroom. With that in mind, we will maintain a positive learning environment that emphasizes strong self-confidence and leadership qualities.

We also understand the importance of recruiting and what it takes to get your student/athlete to the next level. Our coaches are continuously networking with college coaches from all over the country and establishing relationships promoting our student/athletes. It is our due diligence as dedicated coaches to equip your student/athlete with the necessary tools required to compete on the field as well as in the classroom. In addition, we’ll assist your student/athlete in completing the necessary steps that will help them connect with the right college coaches/recruiters to fulfill her dream of being a college softball player.

Shawn Potthast
Jeff Luksza
Matt Koesterer